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The origins of the beer-Quizle

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Some time ago we were asked to sponsor a local beer festival. Since at Codeurs we are up for a beer from time to time and we also have a good relationship with one of the organizers of the beer festival, we decided to accept this sponsorship request. One of the sponsorship formulas included printing 5,000 beer coasters on which our Codeurs logo could richly soak up the excess beer. We could totally see it... wow... a beer coaster with the Codeurs logo in all the surrounding cafes.

Beer coasters with Codeurs logo

Codeurs, who, what?

Well... what does a beer coaster say when only our logo is visible? In a café, probably no one knows what Codeurs stands for, let alone when you have already consumed some of that heavenly gold. Anyone can deduce that Codeurs comes from codeur and that this has something to do with coding or programming, but the next day people will probably no longer know anything about our existence. The challenge was to make everything more fun, especially because a café is a place of fun and entertainment. People should have fun and Codeurs should stay somewhere in the back of their minds.


You probably already read it in our previous post: we developed quizle.io, a side project by Codeurs to easily create your own quiz. And yes, that was it! A quiz about beer! A quiz is fun, something you can play with your friends and yes, with quizle.io you can also do that in a café. Players would have fun, gain insight into what Codeurs can do and afterwards remember that they played a quiz. An ideal combination.

We presented our idea to the organizers of Bottles and Barrels (the beer festival) and they immediately supported it. The beer-Quizle was born!

Beer coasters with a QR code to play the beer Quizle
The share button

Sharing a Quizle

Well, it turned out that there was still some work to be done. Quizle.io was equipped to start and play your own quiz, but Quizle was not equipped to start pre-made quizzes. It therefore had to be possible to share a quiz so that other people could also start a previously created quiz. The share button was introduced!

Play the beer-Quizle

The right flow

Because you can now access an already existing Quizle, the flow also had to be adjusted. You cannot immediately start a shared quiz as you must also be able to play the quiz with your friends. It is therefore necessary to have a host who starts the game and then invites his opponents.


Now that our idea has been fully developed and the beer coasters are in production, we thought it would be a good idea to measure the success of the beer coasters. We count every scan of the QR code and keep track of some browser data so that we also gain insight into the devices and browsers with which the beer-Quizle is played.

Statistics of the beer-Quizle

And now...

Quiz time!

Play the beer-Quizle

See you soon?

October 14, 2023 - from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m.

De Schranshoeve
Stijn Streuvelslaan 92, 1980 Zemst

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