Kokovino is an all-round catering company. At EMG in Vilvoorde, they provide their employees with healthy and varied food every day in the company restaurant that is open to everyone.

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What is Kokovino?

Kokovino provides EMG employees with varied and healthy food every day in their company restaurant that is open to everyone. They also take care of external events from A to Z.

Our contribution

Kokovino contacted us for a re-design of their website. After an initial presentation of their wishes and needs, we set to work to pick some layout templates that would be appropriate for them. A week later, Thomas and Bjorn sat in our office to go over the templates. Some layout changes were made until everything was completely to their liking.

After final approval of the proposed design, development could begin. The website was developed as a one-pager using Next.js, a Javascript framework that focuses on fast loading times and optimizations.

A Content Management System (CMS) was set up to manage the content. Here, texts and images can be easily modified. Using a block system, this provides the necessary flexibility to further manage the website without our intervention.

The necessary attention was paid to making the website findable by applying SEO according to the rules of the art. Visitors can use a contact form to fill in the necessary information about their event. We ensure that each request reaches Kokovino properly and in a timely manner.

With this project, we tried to be short on time. By providing templates and a design preview, we were able to gather feedback quickly. This made for a smooth and pleasant collaboration.

Our services

  • Contactform
  • Responsive website
  • Content Management System
  • Search Engine Optimization

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