A website shares (company) information with the outside world. This can be a temporary campaign site or an extensive content website. It is first and foremost important that visitors know how to find the website and stay there. An attractive design grabs their attention and ensures that the content is highlighted.

Our expertise

A website is usually not a purely static entity. It requires management, and for that, we typically provide our own Content Management System (CMS). Using a decoupled Drupal or a cloud CMS of your choice is also within the possibilities.

Next.js (React) is our preferred framework for building websites, and it is perfectly suited to create a fast, scalable, and easy-to-maintain website. With a wide range of libraries, we can quickly set up complex integrations, animations, or visualizations. Designers are completely free to unleash their creativity, while we take care of the technical implementation.

All images within the site are automatically optimized. In addition to our in-depth expertise in front-end development and content management, we strongly focus on learning and integrating new technologies.

Our focus when developing a website:

  • We don't use a fixed template system (WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc) but decouple data and website for maximum flexibility
  • Decoupled content management in a smart structure so that recurring content can be managed centrally
  • All the modern solutions you would expect related to content management
  • Content migration from your existing website
  • Fast loading times and minimal download size for all devices
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Visibility through search engines (SEO)
  • Sharing on social media
  • Easy integration with existing tools (calendars, forms, livestreams, social media, etc)

Our approach

We focus as much as possible on customization. Both in terms of content and form, we strive for the best match and help think about how we can achieve this. This is always done in mutual consultation, taking into account current and future needs and wishes. Communication and transparency are essential components of project management.



We discuss your concept together and prepare a quote.



If a content migration is desired, we will map out the options.



We receive a digital design in Photoshop, Sketch, InVision... Or we contact one of our freelance designers to create it for you.



We translate your design into a fast, dynamic website and keep you involved throughout the entire process until everything is completely to your liking.



We provide a system in which you can manage texts, images and translations of the content yourself with the use of flexible and reusable content blocks.



Through a maintenance contract (SLA), we give you peace of mind and ensure that the website remains up-to-date with (security) patches and optimizations.

Our websites


Broederlijk Delen

Een duurzame wereld zonder ongelijkheid. Tot iedereen mee is.

Broederlijk Delen


Intersoc is de vakantiedienst van de CM, de Christelijke Mutualiteit. Zo’n 35.000 vakantiegangers kennen jaarlijks de weg naar één van de 50 Intersoc-bestemmingen.



Imec is een wereldvermaard onderzoekscentrum voor nano-elektronica en digitale technologie. Tegelijk is het een Vlaamse organisatie die sterke banden onderhoudt met alle lokale actoren.



BREEDBEELD ondersteunt, informeert, inspireert en verbindt iedereen in Vlaanderen die in zijn vrije tijd met fotografie, film en mediakunst bezig is.